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A Branded App for your Winery

A white-labeled mobile app for your business, marketing your winery, wines, events, and wine club. Vinroom uses your images, logos, and marketing text. It automates sign-ups to your email list, provides 1-click access to your food menu, and removes the barriers to convert visitors into wine club members.

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A Modern Alternative to the Tasting Sheet

A bespoke and customized wine list for your tasting room. Offer separate flights or your entire wine list. It tracks and remembers the wines your customers taste. It also lets them learn more about each wine as well as track which wines they want to buy on their way out.

Wine Tastings Made Easy

For each wine, you can offer tips on what to look for when customers taste it. After tasting, they can capture their rating, any flavors or aromas they experience, and even speak their notes into the phone instead of typing them out. 

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Educate Customers on Your Wine

Supplement the information you convey to your customers in the tasting room with complete details about your wines, including food pairings. Also, your customers that use social media get one-click access to share the wines they love with the world. Free advertising!

Accelerate Sales in the Tasting Room

As your customers taste your wines, they can also keep track of the wines they want to purchase. Then on their way out the door, they can reference their cart. Or even better, your staff has a view into the same cart information and can have the customer's order prepared for them when they are ready to leave.

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Promote Your Events

Vinroom helps promote all the free and ticketed events you have on the calendar. While they have the app open in the tasting room, they can already begin planning their next visit to your winery. The best part is, we can usually synch our list with what you post on your website. Less typing!

Promote Your Winery

We capture a lot of information about your winery including contact information, hours of operation, special features of your winery, and the states to which you ship. Your customers are also one-click away from reviewing you on Google, a huge benefit to attract new visitors.

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A Home for the Wine Enthusiast

Even after your customers leave the winery, Vinroom is still incredibly useful. Their home screen gives them access to recall the wineries they've visited and the wines they've tasted. It also lets them discover new tasting rooms and events happening in their area.

Discover New Tasting Rooms

Wine enthusiasts can find tasting rooms in their area that meet their needs (kid-friendly, pet-friendly, etc), find out when they are open, get contact information, and even get driving directions.

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Find a Fun Winery Experience Near You

Make this yours. Click here to edit the text and include any relevant information.

Discover New Wines from Regional Wineries

Not only does Vinroom allow wine enthusiasts to track the wines they taste, it also lets them discover new wines. It's the only platform that puts smaller, regional wineries on the same playing field as the larger national producers. Tasters can find wines that match their taste preferences and buy them directly from the winery or find where to buy the wine near them.

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Artificial Intelligence for the Wine Lover

As a wine lover uses Vinroom, it learns their unique taste profile. This personalization goes beyond just recommending wines; it explains 'why' they'll likely love each suggestion, opening a door to a deeper understanding of their palate. This feature aims to connect wineries with new customers who may never have known of the winery, all thanks to the power of artificial intelligence.

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