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Modernize the tasting experience

Vinroom is an innovative new app that wineries offer to customers to capture their thoughts and ratings on the wines they taste in the tasting room.

But it's so much more...

What is Vinroom?

A tailored app for your winery

A white-labeled mobile app for your business, marketing your winery, wines, events, and wine club.

A gateway to your online store

A customer engagement platform

Customers get one-click access to purchase your wines online and are recommended your wines based on their taste profile.

Connect with your customers, leverage automatic mailing list signups, gather crucial demographic insights and customer trends.

How does Vinroom help your winery?

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Boost DTC sales

Convert more sales and memberships in-room and online while leveraging the ecommerce platform you already use.

Digital innovation

Modernize the tasting room experience to cater to a changing demographic by offering a digital alternative to the paper tasting sheet.

Increase engagement

Improve customer connections by automating email list membership, communicating important messaging and deals, integrating social media sharing, and incentivizing repeat visitors.

Expand your reach

Intelligent recommendations automatically match customer taste profiles with your wines, even if they've never visited your winery or live in a different state.

Amplify the venue

Increase visibility and maximize attendance by promoting the winery as a destination for tastings, weddings, or other special events.

Access actionable data

Leverage Vinroom's private business intelligence dashboard to gain deep insight into your customer demographics, seasonal wine trends, and event analysis.


What's in it for your customers?

One-stop shop

A single platform to interact with all participating wineries across the country

Digital tasting journal

Digitally capture their ratings and tasting notes to remember the wines they love

Easy purchases and perks

Accelerate wine purchases onsite and online and get exclusive access to winery deals

Smart recommendations

Discover and purchase new wines through personalized, intelligent recommendations

Discover something new

Find nearby wineries and interesting wine events for new experiences in the region

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How does Vinroom help a wine region?

Share revenue

State winery associations benefit via revenue-sharing based on member winery participation.

Get the word out

Promote local festivals, wine trails, competitions, and other wine events within the app to wine enthusiasts who have already shown an interest in the local wine region and the wines that are produced.

Increase tourism

Simplify the experience for wine lovers to find and explore regional wineries while promoting 'passport' programs to encourage visitation across local tasting rooms.

Leverage aggregated data

Promotes sustainability

Strategic guidance

Access comprehensive reports on regional customer demographics, tasting room traffic, and wine trends, enabling data-driven decisions to boost regional wine tourism.

Eliminate the need for paper materials in the tasting room helping contribute to a more eco-friendly industry.

State associations have a guiding voice in shaping the future of Vinroom, ensuring your needs are considered in the platform's ongoing development.

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Getting started is easy

Your winery can be up and running on Vinroom in under an hour.


Provide us with data


We set you up


Get a QR code to offer in the tasting room

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