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Account Deletion and Data Transparency

At Vinroom, we deeply respect and prioritize our users' privacy. In line with our commitment to giving you more transparency and control over your data, we've created this guide to assist you in understanding and managing your account deletion process.


Steps to Delete Your Account:

  1. Login to Your Account: Ensure you're logged in to Vinroom.

  2. Navigate to Your Profile: Once logged in, head to your Profile page.

  3. Click 'Delete Account': There you will see instructions to request your account to be deleted. After confirming your email address, we'll receive a notification. Upon receipt we'll review, confirm with you, and then remove your account.

What Happens When You Delete Your Account?

Upon deleting your account:

  • All personally identifiable information associated with your account will be permanently removed from our systems.

  • Your wine rating data will be retained but will be completely anonymized, ensuring there's no link between the ratings and your identity.


Why Do We Retain Rating Data?

Your anonymized ratings contribute to our aggregate data, helping us offer better recommendations and insights for all users. By keeping this data (without any identifiable markers), we can continually improve the wine tasting experience for everyone.


Have Additional Questions or Concerns?

If you have any further questions about the data we store, how we use it, or any other concerns related to your privacy, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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